My name is Taoufiq, I was born and raised in Morocco, and this isn't just another mundane travel blog.

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I don't write about what hotel to stay in or what restaurant to eat at (there's tripadvisor, etc for that). You will find no grandiose exclamations of life lessons here, nor any of that "Top 10 reasons" piffle.
I simply share my travels from a perspective that does not involve rose-tinted glasses ie the good with the bad, the tangled mess of unfortunate coincidences, bizarre experiences, and shady characters.

I'm slowly catching up on 6 years of travelling, so writing as and when time allows.

How did it start?

I started traveling because I wanted to have a holiday somewhere exotic. On my first flight, I was sat next to a fertilizer salesman from Portugal with really bad breath. He prattled on and on about the wonders of fertilizer. I finally told him in the kindest words to keep his yap shut. His atrocious breath kept knocking me out. While he slept he drooled and would roll his head onto my shoulder, which I gently pushed off of me over and over. It was such an enjoyable and pleasant experience that I decided to travel more often.

Then after saving up for years, my life was sent into an out-of-control spiral which found me tramping around all of Asia, some of Africa, and even a fraction of America. "What in the world is that guy with the long eyelashes doing?" People marvelled. "Oh he smells like soap and has good table manners? He must be a dentist."

I have always traveled without the intention of ever writing about it, as such it has been more eventful than had I planned to blog about it.

Where have I been?

So far, I have been to 105 countries. Does it ever get tiring? Of course. Will I ever stop? Of course. Well maybe. Who knows.

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