Bangladesh is rarely considered a tourist destination. What people know of it generally comes from news reports: floods, cyclones, political strife, tragedies in clothing factories. The lack of positive news means it has been unfairly stigmatised. "Come before the tourists visit" is the old Bangladesh tourist board slogan, and indeed those who venture there will find a nation where Bengali people's traditional way of life can still be observed.



Home to some 12 million people, Dhaka is an intense, chaotic, polluted and congested city where you constantly find yourself bumping into people and rickshaws (Dhaka holds the world record for number of rickshaws in a city). Roads are generally in a very basic condition and buses can get very crowded. So long as you don't expect all the comforts of modern life, you will find a fascinating way of life. Last but not least, not a day passed without someone inviting me to their house for tea. Walking anywhere, I was like a celebrity. I even attended a wedding of people I had only known for 10 minutes. Try stopping and asking someone a question, you'll be surrounded within 60 seconds by friendly and curious people.