Unless you're Napoleon, chances are you will love Belgium.



Backed by steep cliffs, Dinant is a city of 14,000 inhabitants near the French border along the Meuse River. Dinant is the birthplace of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax and the city's speciality are couques, biscuits sweetened with honey, which has been providing a steady income to the Dinant dentists.


Tintin Museum

The Musée Hergé, or Hergé Museum, is a museum in Louvain-la-Neuve dedicated to the comic series, The Adventures of Tintin.



Known as the administrative capital of Europe, Brussels is chocolate and waffles heaven. The waffles are bigger than they look, I couldn't finish mine. Most of the historical stuff is in and around the medieval Grand Place.
Oddly, one of the most popular attractions is Mannekin Pis, a tiny unremarkable statue of a little boy pissing. It was actually never meant to be a tourist attraction, but a lot of visitors flock to it expecting eons of history behind when there is none. Or maybe it's that the waffles are best enjoyed while contemplating a little boy pissing. Best to confirm with the locals.