Croatia is a Balkan country that was one of the new states to emerge from the break-up of former Yugoslavia. After the war with Serbia which was eventually won by the Croats in 1995, Croatia quickly recovered and re-emerged as a popular crowd drawer.



Split is a town on the coast, popular for its beaches and the 4th century Roman fortress-like complex at its centre, Diocletian's Palace. Within its white stone walls and under its courtyards are numerous shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants.


Brac island

A ferry away from Split is Brac island, known for its panoramic views and beautiful beaches. The most popular one being Bol and its Zlatni Rat beach. If exhibitionism is one your hobbies, there's also a nudist beach..



The capital city has a compact centre that is easy to navigate on foot. There's two main parts, the medieval Upper Town, home to historic buildings, museums and galleries. The second is Lower Town, a much more lively area, packed with cafés, parks and nightlife. One of Zagreb's quirkiest attraction is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which features objects that were no longer wanted after a break-up. Each exhibit has details of the relationship's demise. Anyone can donate an item from their previous torrid liaisions. They also have a gift shop, probably selling shattered dreams, sour sweets or empty words.



Rastoke is a village with many watermills. The Korana river runs through the whole village, so you can enjoy the sight and sound of cold running water in almost on every spot. Rastoke makes for a great day trip from Zagreb.



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