Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a small Central European country with a rich and chequered history.


The Devils heads

Two monstrous faces loom over a village in the Czech countryside.


Kostel Svatého Jiri Ghost Church

Thirty creepy ghosts now inhabit this decaying 14th-century church. There is actually a legend behind it, as follow. Many centuries ago, the church was a monastery where a monk named Anselm lived in celibacy. He was so handsome that he drove many Christian maidens crazy, celibate or not. A beautiful Jewess also fell in love with him, and Anselm returned her love. They used to meet secretly by the graveyard. The monk and the Jewess agreed to run away together, but an abbot overheard their conversation. Because the abbot didn't want to lose Anselm, he had him moved to another monastery. He would rather have Anselm attract Christian maidens to mass elsewhere than have him elope with a heretic. After that, the Jewess went crazy, wandering around the monastery during the night, banging on the doors and calling Anselm's name. The monks were afraid to open their doors because they didn't know what was happening. Then one night, the Jewess ran into the abbot, who found out about her nocturnal wanderings in the monastery and waited for her there. He was about to banish her from the monastery's premises, when she jumped on him and before he could take a breath to call for help, she strangled him. She then strangled 12 monks because she thought they had taken her lover. The thirteen statues in the church represent all the people she strangled. Since that time, her ghost is rumoured to appear at night around the church, ready to strangle anyone, still seeking answers about Anselm.



Zelizy is a picturesque village in the Central Bohemian region.



Brno is a university town with a long rich history that dates back as far as prehistoric times.



Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, even though every building looks like it has a vampire living in it. Most visitors come to see the architecture such as Charles Bridge, the churches, old gates, clock towers, and the quaint Old Town. Nowadays it's become rather overcrowded with tourists. In fact, at prime tourist hotspots it is all but impossible to move because they are packed with people.