USA - Florida

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is one of the most popular states in the US with millions flocking to see sandy beaches, wild wetlands, and overpriced themeparks. It's also infamous for alligators appearing in the most unexpected places.



Miami is a sprawling amalgamation connected by huge causeways, flaunting an opulent lifestyle to which millions of Americans aspire. The centre of the action is Miami Beach, a giant hotel and condo park stretching more than 200 blocks. The sidewalks are full of tanned and lithe people. There is a Latin feel to the city thanks to its huge Cuban community. Miami comes to life after sunset, there's clubs and bars for every type of night owl – from chic to skanky.
A nice side trip from Miami is Fort Lauderdale. It's a laid back version of Miami without the international crowds - people there being predominantly Americans. Try to avoid flying into Miami, Miami airport is a nightmare.