Germany trip report



Germany is a big country famous for its discipline, reliable cars, historical figures, christmas trees, and pedantic national football team.


Neuschwanstein Castle

If I were a princess, I would want my castle to look like this. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is a fairy tale castle that looks like it's straight out of the dreams of little girls around the world. In reality, the castle was commissioned as a personal retreat for King Ludwig II, the reclusive ruler of Bavaria.



Bavaria's beautiful and expensive capital city, Munich is home to BMW, Bayern Munich, and Oktoberfest - a celebration of alcoholism.



Berlin is a liberal, artsy and seedy city. It was divided during the Cold War by the Berlin Wall. While strips of the wall have been preserved, the main historical site is Checkpoint Charlie, a border-crossing between the former East and West Germany. It was the only spot where US and Soviet armies had a stand-off. There's a replica checkpoint at the site today, there are even fake soldiers standing at the post for added authenticity, ready to pose for photographs with visitors.