Italy trip report



Called the boot of Europe after the shape of the country, Italy is the country that gave us pizza, the mafia, casanova and boring football games.



From the latin "florens" meaning "to flower", Florence is the birth place of the Renaissance and home to artworks designed by some of the most renowned artists in the world. Florence was best described by a local guy "if you love art, to visit Florence for 1 day is like make love with Shakira for 25 seconds". That famous Italian eloquence eh.


Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is a small seaside town, where Italians go swimming and sunning on the beach. I stayed with about 15 Italians, they are very warm people but they just cannot talk without using hand gestures. It would be interesting to watch an Italian with handcuffs try to talk.



Sicily has many claims to fame such as being the homeland of the Mafia, and home to numerous active volcanoes such as Mount Etna & Stromboli {both which can be hiked}. So the main advice for Sicily from the locals is "don't fall in the volcanos and try to not offend the mafia people".