Kuwait is a tiny country that is virtually floating on oil. It has undergone a massive reconstruction since the Gulf war in 1990.


Camel Racing Club

Thirty minutes from Kuwait City is the Camel Racing Club in Kabd, where races are held every saturday afternoon between October and April. The race track is 3 kilometers long. During the race, camel owners drive down the track alongside their camels honking and controlling their robot jockeys with wireless controllers, all the way to the finish line. In the past, they used to use human child jockeys but they replaced them with motorised ones after an international outcry.


Kuwait City

Kuwait is practically a city-state, since besides the capital {Kuwait City} there are only a handful of villages in the desert. Kuwait City is visibly prosperous, with high-rise buildings, wide avenues packed with sports cars, swanky shopping malls - Kuwaitis living high on the hog. In fact, wealthy citizens often leave their cars running while they stop for a bite to eat. The city is devoid of any character. Virtually every trace of any older buildings had been wiped out, leaving only the anonymously modern appearance of a brand new city.



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