USA - Massachusetts trip report


USA - Massachusetts

Originally a British colony, Massachusetts main claim to fame is the original Boston Tea Party, when colonists broke into a British ship in Boston harbour and destroyed all the tea inside in rebellion against British rulers who tried to manipulate the tea market. That marked the beginning of the end of British control in America.


Harvard University

Harvard is the world's most prestigious university. While walking around inside one of the buildings I came across a gorgeous girl with green eyes. I made up some excuse to talk to her, long story short she invited me to attend one of her classes so I could get a full feel of Harvard teaching.
Once seated in the classroom, I was introduced to the professor just before the lesson started. But instead of the professor lecturing the class with mind numbing theory like in other universities, they were instead debating actual case studies. Opinions were encouraged. Whenever someone had a question, another student would try to answer it, with the professor only sporadically offering input. Everything was all about the practical world, including the coursework. The girl that I met, for her team coursework, they created an app where people could make anonymous confessions. Not just talk about the app, but actually create it. Two years later, an app called Whispr allowing people to do just that appeared and is quite popular..
But the main gain of attending Harvard is the forging of relationships, as most of the students there become future CEOs and other high powered roles and they usually never forget their university buddies.



Boston is the vibrant state capital, and despite its gleaming skyscrapers, it has a small-town feel. In Downtown, you can follow the paved red line of the Freedom Trail winding two-and-a-half miles through the city's most significant colonial sites retracing the history behind the events that led to the eventual indepedence from Britain.
Boston is a nice place to visit, just avoid winter.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is a research university in Cambridge that was created in response to the increasing industrialisation of the US. It's cited as among the world's top universities in applied science and engineering.