Norway is one of the richest countries in the world {thanks to North Sea oil} and is famous for stunning fjords, prisons that looks like holiday camps, and for producing some of the world's best winter sports athletes.



The capital is a clean, bright and gleaming city. It's also extremely expensive, like cyanide for the wallet. The city's most unique sight is Vigeland park, which offers walkers something eye-catching when they step out for some fresh air. It has statues of men battling babies, women being forcefully carried away, angry babies and piles of bodies on top of each other.
Grünerløkka and Karl Johan Gate are the areas to hit after sunset.



Stavanger is an excellent starting point to exploring the fjords and mountains. I happened to be there during Russ. Russ is a yearly tradition for graduating high school students, when they wear overalls with Norwegian flags called russebukse and indulge in 15 straight days of drinking. Most of them got way drunk (a few guys were licking the floor).
I did not have the time, but two famous natural wonders in the fjords near Stavanger are Kjerag and Preikestolen, both only reachable after the snow has melted.