Poland trip report



No offense to all my Polish friends, but if you ever go to Poland, make sure your luggage is packed with sandwiches and snacks, for Polish food is pretty bad. Any city that has a high crime should serve Polish food to the criminals, the crime rate will quickly come down.



Having escaping most of the bombing during the World War II, Krakow is impeccably preserved. Rynek is the city centre with its cobblestoned streets, churches, historical buildings and horse carriages. There's also another part of the city that is under the ground, parts of which are still being excavated.



Pronounced 'Vrots-waff', Wroclaw is a colourful town still undiscovered by mass tourism. There's a medieval town square, spired churches and cobbled alleys. There's also a waterpark which was pretty fun, though one of the slides was a downward tube where I had to cover my head every time cause there was a serious risk of banging it.
Then there are the tiny gnomes. Small bronze statues that pop up all over the city. They were secretly placed during Communist times, defiantly by the underground movement to lampoon the authorities. You'll see the gnomes doing a variety of things like pushing a rock; in a wheelchair; eating a big sausage; or even withdrawing money from a cash machine.