Portugal trip report, things to do and see in Portugal



Squeezed between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal offers its own allure with beaches, golf courses, fishing villages and medieval towns. On top of that, Portugal is less expensive and less visited than neighbouring Spain, yet surprisingly it seemed like the only foreigners there are retired British couples and students (mainly) from Brazil (a former Portuguese colony).
If you're flying into Lisbon airport, I highly recommend allowing a few hours to clear passport control. The non EU queue was long beyond sight due to many arrivals from Latin America, with only 2 manned desks, it took several hours to get through.



Lisbon is a hilly and historic city with steep and mazy streets of polished cobbles that resound to the clank of antique trams. The trams are a great way of getting around but it's very walkable too. The seafood was great, and the oranges were by far the sweetest and juiciest in the world.
There was no shortage of shady characters too. When walking around Avenida da Liberdade, a few people were selling weed, and when you refuse they'll try to sell you cocaine instead! The taxi drivers are no angels either. My work colleague gave a taxi driver a 50 euros note, the driver made a quick switch and convinced him he only handed a 5 euros note, only realising the skulduggery afterwards. Meanwhile in Bairro Alto, the nightlife area that gets super crowded after midnight, I was the victim of a pickpocket losing my compact camera.
This is by no means a reflection of the Portuguese people, who in general were very friendly. In fact, the receptionist from the company I went to visit invited us to her house for a home cooked meal, and even arranged for some traditional Portuguese throat singing.