Portugal trip report



Squeezed between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal offers its own allure with beaches, golf courses, fishing villages and medieval towns.



Lisbon is a hilly and historic city with steep and mazy streets of polished cobbles that resound to the clank of antique trams. The trams are a great way of getting around though the city is quite walkable too. The seafood was delicious, and the oranges were super sweet.
Keep your wits about, Lisbon is skulduggery central. When walking around Avenida da Liberdade, people were selling weed, and when you refuse they'll try to sell you cocaine instead. Some taxi drivers were trying their hand too. We gave a taxi driver a 50 euros note, he tried to make us believe we only gave him 5 euros. Meanwhile in Bairro Alto, the nightlife area that gets packed with people after midnight, many pickpockets operate.
Lisbon is not a particularly exciting city, probably explains why most visitors there seemed to be either elderly tourists or Brazilian students.