Spain trip report



Spain is the third most visited country in the world. It has a long history with Morocco, for the Moroccans (known as Moors back then) stormed across the sea into Spain, conquering the entire country. Then the Moors rested on their laurels, regressing into decadence, drinking wine, watching belly dancers, getting complacent, etc. They were also selling out each other to the Christian kingdoms of Europe, who then not only reconquered Spain, but turned the tables around and grabbed land in Morocco. This explains why Ceuta and Melilla are today Spanish enclaves, and the Canary Islands under Spanish sovereignty. The Moors did leave their mark in Spain though, which can be seen all over the Andalucía region, Al Hambra being one example.



Once you discount the afternoon siesta, the capital city really comes alive after dark. The residents of Madrid are called 'los gatos' - the cats. They eat at midnight, roam the streets until dawn and love nothing more than a night on the tiles.
Madrileños will also rally behind major football teams Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. It just so happened the weekend I was there Athletico won the La Liga title for the first time in a long time, and all the supporters spilled out on the streets to celebrate.



Ibiza is all about sun, beach and partying. There's a couple of museums, but in the summers they're mostly collecting dust. I skipped all the big famous discotheques, because the entrance fees are extortionate, where a small bottle of water costs €9 and many people are high on drugs. The San Antonio west end nightlife was quite good, but after 1AM it turns into a Jurassik Park.
The beaches were nice and day time pool parties like Ocean Beach were pretty fun.



Known for being a playground for the rich and pompous, Marbella has long been a glamorous destination on the Costa De Sol. Lavish retreats, villas and yachts line up the coastline, and there's a lot of flashy cars. On top of that, thanks to a popular British TV reality show, Marbella attracts another type of clientele called the Essex crowd, ie British, braindead, with bright orange tans and glowing veneers, and giant sunglasses or fake eye lashes. These people are shallow and self-obsessed turnips who idolise reality 'stars' because they think Marbella is the place to be seen. I spoke to many of them, they were actually very friendly, just don't expect any intelligent conversation.

The center of the action is Puerto Banus, and the pool parties were quite fun too (Sisu, Nikki Beach & Ocean Beach just to name a few). Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of khaleeji guys at the pool parties, usually with champagne in the VIP areas. They were easy to recognise, with the shorts one size too small and seemingly never been on a treadmill in their life.