Sweden is a socialist utopia full of forests that conjures up most clichés about Scandinavia ie blonde people, meatballs, Viking hats, hard to assemble furniture, etc.



Located inside the Arctic Circle, Kiruna is a town subjected to brutal winters with average temperatures below -25C. I was there in February, I was like a fish out of water. One of the main draw is the Ice Hotel, it's sculpted entirely out of ice every year. Guests sleep on a bed of ice, eat at ice tables, sit on ice chairs and drink in ice glasses. On top of the beds, there's reindeer hide, woollen rug and thermal sleeping bags so people don't freeze to death.



Stockholm is a city of architecture and waterways, with some very eerie metro stations that look like the inside of a spaceship.



Gothenburg is the industrial heartland, home to many of the brands that Sweden successfully exports around the world like IKEA, H&M, Ericsson, Volvo. It's also home to Liseberg {Scandinavia's largest amusement park}. Go in the winter to see Swedes don rabbit costumes while ice skating.



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