USA - Utah trip report


USA - Utah

Utah is a state in the south west with a variety of terrain, ranging from arid deserts to pine forests and mountain valleys.


Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

A nature preserve immortalised by many cowboys movies, the sandstone buttes of Monument Valley are an iconic landscape of the American Wild Wild West. It's Navajo territory, a tribe of Native Americans who lived in that area for centuries, enduring harsh climate, and surviving slave raids by the Spaniards and white Americans, as well as attacks by other Indian tribes.
A 17-mile-long dirt road through the preserve provides the best views over the most famous buttes, however you will need a 4x4. I made the mistake of driving through the first mile with a compact Toyota car, the descent was fairly easy, but the ascent back up was much harder to negotiate due to the size of the potholes that could've seriously damaged the chassis of the car. Driving on unpaved road also invalidates car rental insurance. Best option is to either leave the vehicle in the car park and walk, or go through one of the Navajo-led tours.